Friday, 11 September 2020

Personal Project 2020-21

IB Personal Project at JH will unfold differently this year, due to Covid- 19 and physical distancing guidelines. While the information about the project remains the same, all dates and guidelines have shifted. Please contact your CLE 10 Teacher, who will be your Personal Project supervisor. You can also contact Ms. McSkimming, the Personal Project Coordinator, via email at

Friday, 10 January 2020

Congratulations on completing the Personal Project Showcase, now to the Final Report

Fantastic work on the projects! Now, for the last step, the Final Report

To complete The Final Report:

1. Produce a report to reflect on part A-D of your project- questions are in your blue booklet
2. This document will help you write your report (click)
3. You are allowed to use information from your Inquiry Package for the A: Investigating and and B: Planning parts of the final report. You could also include pages from the inquiry package as part of your Appendix
4. What is an Appendix? It is a series of pieces of information that support what you say in your final report. Examples: pages from your inquiry package, photo of yourself on Showcase Day, design examples, survey results, info from your board, powerpoint slides, process journal or images at the end that provide support to what you say in your report. For example, if you refer to a survey you conducted or a sketch you did in the report, provide evidence in your Appendix
5. Create a bibliography

Suggested word limits are as follows:

Written: 1500-3500 words
Oral (recorded): 13-15 minutes
Film (recorded: 13-15 minutes


-Personal Project Cover Sheet

-Final Report
-Appendix with pages from process journal, other evidence, photos, etc

-all written reports must be printed off
-oral and film reports must include a paper cover sheet and a paper bibliography, with appendix items as appropriate

Monday, 6 January 2020

Personal Project Showcase Day is Thursday and Friday!

Students in C and D block Careers 10 classes will present on Thursday, January 9 from 8:45 to 11:00 and students in A and B block CLE 10 classes, as well as CLE 10 online students, will present on Friday, January 10 from 8:45 to 11:00.

These maps will show you where to go:

Look for your name and go there when you are called down to set up on Thursday or Friday. 

After you present, get to work on your Personal Project final report, which is due on January 20 at the assembly. 

Monday, 9 December 2019

Personal Project Showcase Day is One Month Away!

As you know, Grade 10 students in the Johnston Heights IB MYP Middle Years Programme are working hard on the Personal Project.

Just a reminder that the Personal Project Showcase will be Thursday, January 9 and Friday January 10, 2020 and requires a final written report, due January 20, 2020 which is worth two credits towards graduation. Please see this powerpoint and the blue Personal Project booklet for further information.

January 9-10 2020- Presentation Day- students will present their projects to the school. Students planning to use technology such as a laptop are expected to bring it themselves. Students choosing to make poster boards can purchase them at the Dollar Store, as they are only $2 there as opposed to over $5 at office supply stores. Students will receive more information about presentation day in their CLE 10 class.

January 20 2020-Final report is due- students will hand in their final report. See the blue Personal Project Booklet for information about how to complete your report. Students are expected to complete the report on their own time.
As mentioned in previous emails, some class time has been given to work on the project but the expectation is with 2 credits attached CLE 10, students will be doing the majority of work at home in their own time. IB recommends a minimum of 25 hours work on the project, from September to January.

As always, check for information, and email or for help and questions!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Personal Project 2019-2020- 1, 2, 3 GO!

Dear Grade 10s,

Welcome to Personal Project 2019-20! Personal Project is a sustained, self-directed inquiry project and great opportunity for you to connect your interests with the wider community and world. You will bring together all the skills and understandings that you have been building from grade 8-10 to create something to be proud of!

It is a mandatory 2 credit assignment at JH in Grade 10, and you will receive your MYP Certificate and Personal Project Certificate upon successful completion of this project.

You will receive a Workbook, permission form and letter in your Career Explorations 10 class. Please return the permission form.

The Workbook guides you through how to create the project- use the checklist at the front and calendar at the back to help you plan your time.

Use this website to help you work on your Personal Project.

Use the menu at the top to navigate the website:
  1. Home Page- will be updated regularly starting in September
  2. About Personal Project- gives a general overview about the expectations for Personal Project
  3. Important Dates- a calendar of due dates, use it to help organize your time
  4. Personal Project happens in 4 parts: A: InvestigatingB: PlanningC: Taking ActionD: Reflecting- each page gives step by step instructions about what to do at each stage of the project
  5. Global Contexts-page lists the Global Contexts and Explorations- choose one to focus your project when doing A: Investigating
  6. Important Handouts- handouts that will help you complete the project
  7. Assessment of the Personal Project- detailed information about how Personal Project marks are assigned at Johnston Heights
  8. Getting Help- explains where in JH you can get help on your project
  9. Making a Bibliography and Research Guidelines- info about how to research and how to cite sources. 
You can email Ms. McSkimming at if you want help or advice;  expect to hear back within one week of sending your email. You can also visit her in 3HL in B2.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Grade 9s, Welcome to the Personal Project!

Dear Grade 9s,
Congratulations on successfully completing Grade 9! We are now getting ready for your final year of the IB MYP Programme, and a big part of that process is your Personal Project! 
This presentation was launched in your Individuals and Societies (Socials 9) class. If you were away, please review it here.

What is Personal Project?
The Personal Project is a sustained inquiry in which you will develop and create a project based on your interests and skills. Your project will require planning, research, written reporting, and will result in a completed product by January 9, 2020.

Your inquiry will be related to an exploration within one of the six Global Contexts.

You will receive guidance and supervision for the project through your Career Exploration 10 classes, but are expected to do the majority of the project on your own time. 

The summer is a great time to get started!

Further information about the project is on this About Personal Project page.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

That's all, folks!

Hi Grade 10s,

Thank you for completing your Personal Projects! This is your final reminder to pick up your board from 3HL, otherwise it will be recycled or reused. You should hold onto a photo of your board and a digital copy of your final report, as you can use it as an artifact for your Grade 12 CLC portfolio.

Please let Ms. McSkimming or Mr. Lavoie know if you have not received your Personal Project completion certificate or final mark. Marks will be posted to the June report card.

Take care and keep inquiring!