Thursday, 22 September 2016

Important Personal Project Timelines

By each date, you must be completed each step in the phase.
Phase 1: Investigating                                 1st Check-in by October 21
1-  Define a goal based on personal interests
2-  Identify prior and subject-specific knowledge and a global context
3-  Demonstrate research skills
Phase 2: Planning                                         2nd Check-in by November 25
1-  Develop a proposal of action/criteria
2-   Plan and record the development process
3-   Demonstrate self-management skills
Phase 3: Taking Action                                   3rd Check-in by January 20
1-   Demonstrate communication and social skills
2-    Demonstrate thinking skills
3-    Create a product or outcome

Personal Project Exhibition                February 8-9
Show your completed product or outcome to the school

Phase 4: Reflecting                                                       Final Report due March 3 
1-   Reflect on the development of ATL skills and as an IB learner
2-   Reflect on knowledge and understanding
3-   Evaluate the quality of the product/outcome
4-   Create final report and hand in