Monday, 24 October 2016

Schedule for Supervisor Session #1

Hello Grade 10s!

Here is the schedule for your meetings with your supervisor. Meetings will be approximately 5 minutes per student. Come prepared with your Personal Project inquiry topic and any questions you may have for your supervisor.

You must hand in your Personal Project At A Glance Form to your planning 10 teacher this week! At the meeting, you and your supervisor will discuss what you planned on your form.

Monday October 31
Choo-Sec 4-PJ Lavoie
Hinds-Sec 2-Ms. Hewett
Choo-Sec 6-Ms. McSkimming

Tuesday, November 1
Hinds-Sec 5-Ms. McSkimming

Wednesday, November 2
Preston-Sec7-PJ Lavoie
Preston-Sec 9- PJ Lavoie
Choo-Sec 3-Ms. Weldon

Thursday, November 3
Preston-Sec 10-Ms. Hewett
Hinds-Sec 1-Ms. Hewett
Preston-Sec 8-Ms. Hewett