Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Starting Phase 2 of Personal Projects

By now, most students should have had a check-in with their personal project supervisor. Now, you should:
  1. Start Process Journal in a format of your choosing, preferably a Word Document. Use the Process Journal to record your research, challenges, and successes. In your Process Journal include: 
    1. A plan of action-what are your next steps?
    2. Solidify your inquiry question-what is your question?
    3. Determine your own criteria-How do you know that you have been successful?-you should have between 3 and 4 criteria by which to measure yourself
  2. Stay in contact with your supervisor and ask for additional help as needed.
  3. Keep track of the sources you use so that you can include a Bibliography/Works Cited list at the end.
  4. Be ready for Phase 2 check in by end of November.