Monday, 20 February 2017

Personal Project Final Reflection

Congratulations on successfully presenting your Personal Project! Most of the students' projects showed depth of inquiry, detail, and passion and everyone at JH is very impressed.

To receive a final IB level and two credits for the Personal Project course, you must hand in your final reflection by MARCH 3. 

Click the linked information below for important handouts:
This information was also presented to you in person in Planning class by Mr. Lavoie and/or Ms. Hewett

Your Personal Project Reflection must fulfill the requirements on this handout (hard copy given in your Personal Project package)

Writing the Personal Project Report Guideline handout given out in planning class

Rubric on how you will be marked
Rubric on how you will be marked-one page version

Academic Honesty form must be included

Please contact your supervisor via email with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.