Friday, 15 September 2017

A: Investigating- due October 18/19

Dear grade 10s,

Due to schedule changes, we have changed the due date for Personal Project: A: Investigating to October 18/19.

You will receive a goal setting lesson through your Careers 10 class next week.

You must download and complete the Personal Project A: Investigating Form by October 18/19 and hand it in to your Career 10 teacher. It must be typed and printed, no exceptions.

A: Investigating

Objectives for A: Investigating
i.   define a clear goal and global context for the project, based on personal interests
ii.  identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project
iii. demonstrate research skills

To complete this part of your Personal Project use your Process Journal to:

1. Brainstorm your interests, passions, and ideas. Review the goal setting powerpoint shown in your Careers 10 class
2. Conduct necessary research-you may need to visit websites, conduct interviews, create surveys, and do experiments- click here for a list of JH staff who might help you!
3. Identify what you already know and what you still need to find out
4. Use this example chart to identify a global context for your project
5. Clearly state a goal for your project in your report

A: Investigating Form Due October 18/19
Criterion A: Investigating Rubric