Thursday, 7 September 2017

Personal Project 2017-2018 Official Launch

Dear Grade 10s,
It's the year you've been waiting for, your final year of the IB MYP Programme, and a big part of that process is your Personal Project! 
This presentation was launched in your Individuals and Societies (Socials 9) class last year and will be reviewed at the Grade 10 Assembly on September 12. If you were away, please review it here.

What is Personal Project?
The Personal Project is a sustained inquiry in which you will develop and create a project based on your interests and skills. Your project will require planning, research, written reporting, and will result in a completed product by February 13, 2018.

Your inquiry will be related to an exploration within one of the six Global Contexts.

You will receive guidance and supervision for the project through your Career Exploration 10 classes, but are expected to do the majority of the project on your own time. A minimum of 25 hours is expected for a successful project, so working on it for 1.5 hours per week between now and February 13, 2018 should cover it!

Timeline for Completion:
A: Investigating
September 12    Grade 10 assembly
Oct 18/19           Written Part A due
B: Planning
November 21   Report Card (A update)   
November 22/23 Written Part B due
C: Taking Action 
February 13    Showcase Day
D: Reflecting
February 23  Final Report due 

Final Report = all previous parts (A and B) combined with Written Part C and D 

Further information about the project is on this About Personal Project page.