Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Part A is due, time to continue working on your Personal Project!

Dear Grade 10s,

Please hand in your Investigating A form to your Careers teacher now! It is due! Continue to use  to work on your project. New links and tabs have been added to serve you better.

Now, it is up to you to work on your project and record what you are doing in your process journal. Over the next few weeks, Mr. Lavoie and Ms. McSkimming will meet with you one on one.

Personal Project Supervisors are Mr. Lavoie (PJ) (A and C block) and Ms. McSkimming (B and D block)

It's always best to talk to us in person if you need help!

Mr. Lavoie is in the Career Centre on Mondays in Block A and C. Otherwise, find him in 4WL.
Ms. McSkimming is in the Career Centre Wednesdays in Block B, and daily in Block D. Otherwise, find her in 2HL or 2FP.

If you are in Block A or C, contact Mr. Lavoie (PJ) at
If you are in Block B or D, contact Ms. McSkimming at