Monday, 27 November 2017

Part C: Taking Action

Dear Grade 10 students,

Thank you to those who have handed in the Personal Project Part B: Planning! You are half way to being finished! Great work! For those who still need to hand it in, please give it to your Careers 10 teacher or Personal Project supervisor as soon as possible. You also must hand in your permission form as soon as possible. 

Now that you have decided on the criteria you need to succeed, you should be actively working on your project from now until it is due, February 13, 2018, this is Part C: Taking Action. Continue to record your progress and research in the process journal. You will be provided with tri-fold boards and we will check in with you regarding additional equipment needs shortly. Please be advised that there are limited numbers of computers available to use on the presentation day and that you are encouraged to provide your own technology if you need it. We will be checking in with you again to discuss Part B in early December and in January to finalize equipment needs and what rooms you will be presenting in.

IMPORTANT: we have been asking you to type the A: Investigating and B: Planning forms because you will need to include some of the information in your Final Reflection Report. Please do not delete your Part A and B files as you still need them. All Final Reflection Report information can be found under D: Reflecting by clicking here. D: Reflecting is due on February 23, 2018, 10 days after your Showcase. For your reference, a copy of how to write the final report and the final assessment rubric were emailed to you and are linked here if you click them. You can improve your level in Part A and B on the Final Report. Remember, the Final Report is not due until after you finish your project, but if you would like a head start, please feel free to begin. 

Please continue to email your supervisors or drop in during office hours at the Career Centre if you have questions about Personal Project. 

Keep up the good work!