Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Starting Part B-Work on this part independently, as soon as you have your check-in

As soon as you meet with Mr. Lavoie or Ms. McSkimming on Part A, start Part B. You must follow the steps below, read the powerpoint below and then complete Planning: Form B by November 22/23. Be sure to incorporate your supervisor's feedback to improve your project and your final mark.

PLEASE GET YOUR PERMISSION FORM SIGNED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND RETURN TO YOUR CAREERS 10 TEACHER. A hard copy will be sent home, so you don't need to print it off.

Please keep your Investigating A form that we returned to you with your Process Journal.

Objectives for B: Planning
  1. develop criteria for the product/outcome
  2. plan and record the development process of the project
  3. demonstrate self-management skills

To complete this part of your Personal Project:

0. Read this important B: Planning powerpoint (click)
1. Decide how you know your project will be successful. These are your own criteria, not the Personal Project criteria.
2. Make your criteria.
3. Continue to conduct necessary research. 
4. Work on your project consistently by making any necessary diagrams, models, examples.
5. Record all of your progress in your process journal.
6. Complete the B: Planning Form due November 22/23

B: Planning Form due November 22/23
Criterion B Planning Rubric
Example Process Journal