Friday, 22 December 2017

Happy Holidays and Taking Action!

Dear Grade 10s,

Happy Holidays! You are doing great work on your Personal Projects! Continue to Take Action and think about your presentation on Showcase Day, Feb 13.

If you need a tri-fold board before the break, please contact your Careers 10 teacher or Personal Project supervisor.

Taking Action Lesson shown in class explains what you need to do for C: Taking Action

Checklist of items needed on Showcase Day:

  • Your Inquiry Question, goal, Global Context, and exploration
  • Evidence of Learning such as:
  • Research in point form/key points (you can elaborate when you talk to your audience)
  • Images, models, props, free samples, demonstrations, videos, or other relevant items to your project
  • Process Journal should be at your presentation area
  • Your presentation, no matter the format, should show your learning and growth
See you in 2018!!!!