Thursday, 11 January 2018

Happy New Year! Time to Take Action!

Happy New Year!

You are doing great work on your Personal Projects and Showcase Day is one month away!

What to do this month: Taking Action 

  1. Complete your goal and make your project
  2. Speak with teachers who can give you final advice. Click here for a list of teachers who have volunteered to give advice.
  3. Create a list of anything you need to borrow and arrange to borrow it
  4. Get a tri-fold board if you want one from Ms. McSkimming or Mr. Lavoie
  5. Create what you are presenting on Showcase Day- February 13
  6. Read over what you will need to write in your final report and start a draft- it is due Feb 23
  7. Be ready to meet with your supervisor in early February, with a list of equipment you need to borrow from the school (ie computers)-more info to come in class
  8. Tell your family and friends to mark their calendars- Feb 13 from 3:30pm-5:30pm is the evening showcase!
What you will present on Showcase Day:

  • Your Inquiry Question, goal, Global Context, and exploration
  • Evidence of Learning such as:
  • Research in point form/key points (you can elaborate when you talk to your audience)
  • Images, models, props, free samples, demonstrations, videos, or other relevant items to your project
  • Process Journal should be at your presentation area
  • Your presentation, no matter the format, should show your learning and growth