Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Personal Project Report Writing

Reminder, the Personal Project Report is due on Feb 23 for all students. 

Reminder: Feb 23, hand in:
Final Report
Process Journal

You will need to start your report at home. Come prepared to work on it at school at these times:

Personal Project Report Writing Class Times:
Wednesday, Feb 14-AABB Day 2
A2- 8:30-9:50- Zappone- EN- Learning Commons
A1-9:57-11:13- Zappone- EN- Learning Commons
A1-9:57-11:13- Grover-SS- 3FP
B2-12:06-1:25-Perdue-EN- Learning Commons
B1- 1:32-2:45-Perdue-EN- Learning Commons
B1- 1:32-2:45-Grover-SS- 3FP

Thursday, Feb 15-CCDD Day 2
C2- 8:30-9:50- Perdue- EN- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Perdue- EN- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Jhuboo-SS- 4FP
D2-12:06-1:25-Zanatta-EN- 3FP
D1-1:32-2:45-Baumgartner-EN- Learning Commons
D1-1:32-2:45- Zanatta- EN-3FP

Monday, Feb 19-DCBA Day 2
B2-12:06-1:25-Jhuboo-French- Learning Commons 
A2-1:32-2:45- Bylenga- EN-Learning Commons

Wednesday, Feb 21-AABB Day 2
B1-9:57-11:13- O Malley- EN- Learning Commons
A2-12:06-1:25-Jhuboo-French- Learning Commons

Thursday, Feb 22-CCDD Day 2
C2- 8:30-9:50- Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
D2-12:06-1:25-Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
D1-1:32-2:45--Bailey-SS- Learning Commons