Thursday, 8 February 2018

Showcase Day and Final Report

Hi Grade 10s! 
Your Personal Project Showcase Day is on Tuesday, Feb 13!
See Ms. McSkimming in the Career Centre for your Showcase Package and Room Assignment if you did not get it in class!
Check out the Bulletin Board outside the Learning Commons for Showcase Day Maps!
Visit PJ in 4WL or Ms. McSkimming in Career Centre if you need a trifold board!
We are so excited! That's why there are so many exclamation points!
Eagles do Succeed!

Reminder, the Personal Project Report is due on Feb 23 for all students. Read your Showcase Day package for details.

Personal Project Report Writing Class Times:
Wednesday, Feb 14-AABB Day 2
A2- 8:30-9:50- Zappone- EN- Learning Commons
A1-9:57-11:13- Zappone- EN- Learning Commons
A1-9:57-11:13- Grover-SS- 3FP
B2-12:06-1:25-Perdue-EN- Learning Commons
B1- 1:32-2:45-Perdue-EN- Learning Commons
B1- 1:32-2:45-Grover-SS- 3FP

Thursday, Feb 15-CCDD Day 2
C2- 8:30-9:50- Perdue- EN- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Perdue- EN- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Jhuboo-SS- 4FP
D2-12:06-1:25-Zanatta-EN- 3FP
D1-1:32-2:45-Baumgartner-EN- Learning Commons
D1-1:32-2:45- Zanatta- EN-3FP

Monday, Feb 19-DCBA Day 2
B2-12:06-1:25-Jhuboo-French- Learning Commons 
A2-1:32-2:45- Bylenga- EN-Learning Commons

Wednesday, Feb 21-AABB Day 2
B1-9:57-11:13- O Malley- EN- Learning Commons
A2-12:06-1:25-Jhuboo-French- Learning Commons

Thursday, Feb 22-CCDD Day 2
C2- 8:30-9:50- Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
C1-9:57-11:13- Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
D2-12:06-1:25-Bailey-SS- Learning Commons
D1-1:32-2:45--Bailey-SS- Learning Commons