Friday, 1 June 2018

Personal Project 2018-2019

Dear Grade 9s,

Welcome to Personal Project 2018-19! Personal Project is a sustained, self-directed inquiry project and great opportunity for you to connect your interests with the wider community and world. You will bring together all the skills and understandings that you have been building from grade 8-10 to create something to be proud of!

It is a mandatory 2 credit assignment at JH in Grade 10, and you will receive your MYP Certificate and Personal Project Certificate upon successful completion of this project.

Use this website to help you work on your Personal Project.

Use the menu at the top to navigate the website:

  1. Home Page- will be updated regularly starting in September
  2. About Personal Project- gives a general overview about the expectations for Personal Project
  3. Important Dates- a calendar of due dates, use it to help organize your time
  4. Personal Project happens in 4 parts: A: Investigating, B: Planning, C: Taking Action, D: Reflecting- each page gives step by step instructions about what to do at each stage of the project
  5. Global Contexts-page lists the Global Contexts and Explorations- choose one to focus your project when doing A: Investigating
  6. Important Handouts- handouts that will help you complete the project
  7. Assessment of the Personal Project- detailed information about how Personal Project marks are assigned at Johnston Heights
  8. Getting Help- explains where in JH you can get help on your project
  9. Making a Bibliography and Research Guidelines- info about how to research and how to cite sources. 

Summer homework: read over the information on the website and think about what you may wish to do for your project in Grade 10. If you want, you can start!

You can email Ms. McSkimming in July at if you want help or advice;  expect to hear back within one week of sending your email. Please do not email in August.